Yankee COVID-19 Update: July 30, 2020

Yankee RV has always said “Safety comes before fun.” This statement is still true today. As the novel form of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) remains of a widespread concern and local governments continue to recommend or mandate restrictions on person-to-person interactions, business operations, and home isolation, we want to share important information with you about our efforts to help keep our caravaners, rally goers and team members safe and healthy.


The Northeast has especially stringent guidance for all out of state travelers utilizing lodging, camping and short-term rental properties in the Northeast. The travelers must affirm that they meet the State's quarantine requirements and have traveled from an area with similar active COVID-19 caseloads to their current location.


This being said, for the safety and health of our caravaners and staff, we have no choice, but to cancel our 2020 Northeast Red Maple Fall Foliage caravan. We are fortunate that many of our caravaners have rolled over their reservations to our 2021 Fall Foliage or other caravans we offer. We have offered a full refund to any caravaners that cannot fit another caravan with us into their schedules. On a positive note, our Northwest Expedition caravan, is currently underway and that area of the country is less affected by this virus.


As we are resuming operations of our caravans and rallies, the safety and health of our caravaners and staff remains our top priority. Below are a few items to keep in mind:

  1. We are monitoring all Federal, State, and Local guidelines regarding COVID-19 in the states and countries in which we travel.
  2. We will follow all social distancing guidelines and take steps to ensure that activities in which we participate will allow for proper distancing.
  3. We understand that there will be changes you should be prepared to see when you join us on your next adventure.
  4. We have always focused on safety, even before fun, but we are ramping up our efforts to have heightened focus on disinfection procedures for commonly used areas and for our social gatherings.
  5. Meals will likely be different as we move forward in these changing times. We will follow the guidance of the experts and ensure that all caravaners feel comfortable in our choices for meals. This could take on many different forms, but safety will always come first.
  6. Remember, you are in control of the activities in which you choose to participate. At any time, you may choose to opt out of an activity, if you do not feel comfortable. 


Our staff continues to work on current and future adventures. We will be discussing these tours at our Annual Pre-tour Orientation and Reunion in Eustis Florida.


Click here for a printable list of our 2020 and 2021 openings for the caravans and rallies as of today.


Click here is our Agenda for our 2021 Annual Pre-Tour Orientation and Reunion to be held January 6-8, 2021.


Rod & Helen Coe, Owners

Yankee RV Tours
1132 Casterton Circle
Davenport, FL 33897

Hosting fun RV tours for 30+ years!

We have a capable staff of 20 experienced RVers, that have all come from our caravan ranks. You can start your fun adventure today by contacting us. We offer several 6 to 10 day desination RV rallies and 4 driving RV Caravan Expeditions of 20 days or more!

Over the last 30+ years more than 6,000 RV'ers have gone with us on our fun RV Caravans in small groups averaging 15 rigs. 

Yankee RV offers a "VALUE PACKAGE" that includes narrated travel via 2-way radios, your camping site, many meals, escorted tours, entertainment, group fellowship, and the use of the tail ender mechanic and wagon master host. Rod consults to 12 major RV camping resorts and in return is permitted to conduct seminars on caravaning. Thus, he does not have to pass on the high cost of national advertising and catalog mailings to the caravaners.

Who else do you know that would appreciate getting information on these adventures?

Groups and Camping Clubs: Good news, we will customize most any North American destination with 15+ units.


Receive your Yankee Jackets on your 2nd trip sign-up!

Owners: Rod & Helen Coe and their staff

20 + Day Driving RV Caravan Expeditions:

35-Day Mississippi Great River Road 

Wagon Masters: Bill & Carol Foster

New Orleans, LA to Lake Itasca, MN

April 25 - May 29, 2021: $7,195 for 2 people, Solo $4,495, each add'l guest $2,595

To view the timeline and complete an application, follow this link to the Great Mississippi River Road

20-Day East Coast Patriot 

Wagon Masters: Rod & Helen Coe

Charleston, SC to Gettsburg, PA

May 1 - May 20, 2021: $4,795 for 2 people, Solo $3,295, each add'l guest $995

To view the timeline and complete an application, follow this link to the East Coast Patriot caravan.

20-Day Best of Michigan 

Wagon Masters: Rod & Helen Coe

Detroit, MI to Brimley, MI

May 25 - June 13, 2021: $4,795 for 2 people, Solo $3,295, each add'l guest $995

To view the timeline and complete an application, follow this link to the Best of Michigan.

31-Day Canadian Maritimes

Wagon Masters: Bill & Carol Foster

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Pr. Edward Island, and optional Labrador

June 6 - July 6, 202: $6,295 for 2 people + ferry fee, Solo $4,695 + ferry, additional guests $2,997/person

To view the timeline or to complete an applciation, follow this link to the Canadian Maritimes.

35-Day Route 66 aka "Main Street of America"

Wagon Masters: Rod & Helen Coe

Joliet, IL to Santa Monica, CA

July 28 - August 31, 2021: $7,195 for 2 people, Solo $4,495, additional guests $2,595/person

To view the timeline or to complete an applciation, follow this link to the Route 66.

35-Day Northwest Expedition
Wagon Masters: Buck & Linda Buchanan with Asst Wagon Masters: Ben & Pam Phillips

Starts at Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota and ends at the Pacific Ocean in Waldport, Oregon. Following much of the Oregon Trail and Mormon Trail, plus much more.

July 26 – Aug 29, 2021: $7,295 for 2 people, solo $4,995, each add'l guest $2,995 For more information or to see the timeline or get an application, follow this link Northwest Expedition

20-Day Southwest Nat'l Parks & Canyons

Wagon Masters: Buck & Linda Buchanan with Asst wagon Masters: Ben & Pam Phillips

Starts in Page, Arizona and ends in Durango, Colorado. Join us to see all the highlights of the Southwest!

Sept 3 - 22, 2021: $4,895 for 2 people, solo $3,795, each add'l guest $1,995

To view the timeline and obtain an application, follow this link to Southwest Nat'l Parks & Canyons.

20-Day Northeast Fall Foliage
Wagon Masters: John & Ruth Marden with Asst Wagon Masters: Denny & Patti O'Dwyer

Tour Maine, Quebec City, New Hampshire, and Vermont. 

Sept 19 - Oct. 8, 2021: $5,395 for 2 people, solo $3,895 & add/l guest $2,495.

To view the timeline, get an application or more information, follow this link to the Northeast Fall Foliage RV Caravan

Destination RV Rallies

6-Day Kennedy Space Center

Hosts: Charlie & Nancy Ragland


Jan 8 - 13, 2021: $1,999 for 2 people, solo $1,199, each add'l guest $695.


Follow this link, for more information or an application to the Kennedy Space Center Rally.

6-Day St. Patrick's Parade and Rally, Savannah, Georgia

Hosts: Denny & Patti O'Dwyer

Savannah GA area and the St Patrick's Day Parade
March 13 - 18, 2021: $1,999 for 2 people, solo $895, each add'l guest $695.

For more information or an application, click on this link.

10-Day Santa Fe & Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Hosts: Rod & Helen Coe

Santa Fe NM and the largest Balloon Fiesta at Albuquerque.

Sep 28 – Oct 7, 2021: $2,699 for 2 people, solo $2,099, each add'l guest $999.

For more information or to get an application, follow this link.

6-Day Key West Fiesta

Hosts: Charlie & Nancy Ragland

November 1 - 6, 2021: $1,999 for 2 people, solo $1,300, each add'l guest $999

The Key West Trolly comes to the campground the take you on a private tour, before you can use the hop on-off service for two additional days. The best way to see Key West! For more information or to get an application, follow this link.

Annual Tour Presentations:                     Jan 6th - 8th, 2021!

Each January Yankee RV offers tour presentations, as an introduction to Yankee RV tours, pre-tour orientation for first time caravaneers and reunion: a gathering for former and future caravaners meeting in Florida near Disneyworld. It is held at Southern Palms RV Resort in Eustis, Florida. There are seminars and films on each caravan, where you can meet your tour staff and the people signed up to travel with you. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and talk with others that have taken the tour. We also have catered meals, entertainment, and fellowship all provided by Yankee. What a great way to get a running start on your upcoming adventure. More information will be posted later, just save the dates!


Receive your Yankee Jackets on your 2nd trip sign-up!

Call Rod and Helen Coe today at 407-973-8288 or e-mail them at yankeerv@aol.com for your full tour flyer with information on your package price tour that includes campgrounds, many meals, lots of entertainment events, and escorted tours. Note: tips and gratuities for Yankee events are included. Reserve now and save!

Rod & Helen Coe, owners of Yankee RV Tours: 1132 Casterton Circle, Davenport, FL 33897

For Alaska tours we recommend Spike Fortier, www.rvalaskatours.com, 800-842-7764

Been on a Yankee adventure? We'd love to hear your comments! Please share below.


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  • Jeana Matthews (Thursday, January 16 20 09:47 am EST)

    Very interested in learning more about your tours.

  • Margo Page (Sunday, December 08 19 07:20 am EST)

    We just love Yankee RV Tours. The trips visit beautiful scenery, take in fantastic events. The camaraderie is the best! Have done 5 caravans and 1 rally so far since I retired in 2015. Thanks Rod and Helen.

  • Jodi Shinn (Saturday, October 20 18 10:31 am EDT)

    Just visiting your website and looking at your future adventures.
    Was on 2018 NW expedition and already signed for future tour. I enjoyed the entire experience but even more then the the great places we went to I enjoyed the comaradeie of traveling with the group. You were so much like my dad I'm trying to convince him to take a trip with me. Can't wait to do it again.

  • Fay and Frank (Wednesday, August 15 18 06:37 pm EDT)

    We have been traveling with Yankee TV Tours since 2010 when we toured the Canadian Maritimes. Have taken every tour they offer and been to most of the Rallies. We have traveled with other companies and there is no comparison. Great planning, great fun. The Best!

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